Revelite is the art and display lighting division of Cerno.

When Herb Seymour, artist, collector and inventor, decided to illuminate his prestigious collection of works from California Plein Air painters, he became frustrated with the ineffectiveness of available art lighting. After purchasing and testing numerous styles, the inventor took control and set to work to solve the problem. When an introduction between Mr. Seymour and the founders of Cerno was made, the brand Revelite was born that would realize Mr. Seymour’s vision with today’s technology.

Cerno assembled a team of mechanical, electrical, optical and industrial design engineers to hone Mr. Seymour’s initial concept. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of what the solution must achieve ­ even illumination and high color accuracy from a luminaire that virtually disappears ­ the team developed and patented a revolutionary Art Light. No other art light on the market has two independently aimable and dimmable light modules that are calibrated specifically to an artwork’s dimensions. There is something poetic about illuminating old world masters with state of the art technology. Art revealed with science.

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