Case Study: Edwards Air Force Base

Project: Edwards Air Force Base
Engineer: 412th Civil Engineering Group
Specifying Rep: Anthony Olivarez
Specified Manufacture: Deco Lighting
Specified Product: DHL-LP-LED 2′ Low-profile low/high bayDHL-LP-LED 4′ Low-profile low/high bayD402-LED Medium Wall packD536-LED 12″x12″ Square LuminaireDCH-RET-LED 4′ Deco Channel Retrofit KitDCH-RET-LED 8′ Deco Channel Retrofit Kit, SFP-LED 2’x2′ Smart Panel LED FixtureSFP-LED 2’x4′ Smart Panel LED Fixture, TORPEDO-LED 160 Led High Bay, TORPEDO-LED 215 Led High Bay, VINCI-LED Wall/Area/Flood LightingGO-LED 2’x2′ Game Over LED LuminaireGO-LED 2’x4′ Game Over LED LuminaireD824-LP 150W Gladetino, Low profile area luminaire, D824-LP Accessories Mounting brackets
Location: San Diego, California
Photos by: LIGHT


Edwards Air Force Base received funding through the federal program Energy Resilience and Conservation Investment Program (ERCIP) to improve energy resilience, contribute to mission assurance, save energy, and reduce DoD’s energy costs. ERCIP accomplishes this through construction of new, high-efficiency energy systems and technologies or through modernizing existing energy systems.

When it came time to specify the right energy-saving light products, they went with Deco Lighting, a leading green lighting technology manufacturer from Southern California. “Deco products are saving 2.7M kWh and when we factored in maintenance and labor our realized savings will be $887K annually. The savings is not only to the base but to the American taxpayer as well.” – John T. Shartzer, Engineer Technician, 412th CEG/CENPE. In addition to the cost of savings, Deco has a 10-year parts and labor warranty.