Creative Lab: Lighting an Office Space

THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE: Finding high style decorative and architectural lighting solutions that address the unique needs of office spaces. SOLUTION:  LIGHT represents manufacturers who offer a variety of office lighting solutions that ensure a productive work environment. Highlighted below you’ll discover fixtures with acoustic deadening properties to help address auditory concerns, fixtures that provide uniform […]

Creative Lab: The Influence of Color on Health and Design

THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE: Finding functional and colorful lighting solutions that positively impact the health, well-being and productivity in a design space. SOLUTION:  LIGHT represents over twenty decorative manufacturers who offer colorful lighting solutions. $        Budget $$      Moderate $$$    Premium ___ Biocca by Marset Marset’s Bicoca’s small, versatile and autonomous rechargeable portable table lamp […]

Creative Lab: Understanding Title 24 and CEC Requirements and Qualified Products

THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE: Confused about Title 24 and California Energy Commission (CEC) requirements and looking for products that meet these qualifications? SOLUTION: LIGHT’s team of representatives is well versed on Title 24 and California Energy Commission (CEC) requirements and can assist with specifying your next Green Building project. $        Budget $$      Moderate $$$    […]

Creative Lab: Finding the Right Fan to Move Air and Complement the Project’s Design

THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE: As temperatures rise, it can be a challenge to find the right fan to move the air you need as well as complement your project’s design aesthetic and budget. SOLUTION: LIGHT represents four great fan manufacturers ranging from 13in to 24ft diameter to provide cooling to promote comfort and productivity no matter […]

Creative Lab: Functional and Beautiful Landscape Lighting

THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE: Finding functional and beautiful landscape lighting for the environment, wayfinding and decoration. SOLUTION: LIGHT represents quite a few lighting companies that either specialize in landscape lighting or offer collections that are appropriate for exterior use. $         Budget $$      Moderate $$$    Premium ___ L-020-B by Beachside Lighting Low-voltage, cast brass, underwater […]

Creative Lab: Sculptural Wall Installations

THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE: Finding interesting wall sconces that blur the line between art and lighting. SOLUTION: LIGHT represents several companies that have families of sculptural sconces that can be grouped together to create feature walls which have the visual impact of wall art installations. $        Budget $$      Moderate $$$    Premium ___ Abstract Panels […]

Creative Lab: Don’t be a Square. Think Linear.

THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE: Looking for new and creative products to solve linear lighting design application needs. SOLUTION: The LIGHT team has selected a group of easy to specify and easy to use LED linear products which are newer to the market. The products below are suited for several material, design and installation challenges. $        […]

Creative Lab: International Style at the Speed of LIGHT

THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE: Fixtures and manufacturers from outside of the US offer a different perspective and unique aesthetic that is often just what a project calls for. Unfortunately, sometimes those manufacturers have extensive lead times for their unique products to make it all the way to Southern California designed projects. SOLUTION: LIGHT has assembled a […]

Creative Lab: Large Scale Lighting Fixtures

THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE: Selecting large scale fixtures with maximum impact for their surroundings. SOLUTION: LIGHT represents manufacturers offering a wide variety of large scale standard or custom lighting solutions that truly represent the Art of Lighting. These pieces become light sculptures that are designed to make a statement and evoke an emotional response. $         […]