Creative Lab: Understanding Title 24 and CEC Requirements and Qualified Products

THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE: Confused about Title 24 and California Energy Commission (CEC) requirements and looking for products that meet these qualifications? SOLUTION: Join the entire LIGHT team at LightShow West on October 11-12 where you can attend free Title 24 workshops and see our row of represented manufacturers who provide solutions for commercial, hospitality and […]

Creative Lab: Finding the Right Fan to Move Air and Complement the Project’s Design

THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE: As temperatures rise, it can be a challenge to find the right fan to move the air you need as well as complement your project’s design aesthetic and budget. SOLUTION: LIGHT represents four great fan manufacturers ranging from 13in to 24ft diameter to provide cooling to promote comfort and productivity no matter […]

Creative Lab: Functional and Beautiful Landscape Lighting

THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE: Finding functional and beautiful landscape lighting for the environment, wayfinding and decoration. SOLUTION: LIGHT represents quite a few lighting companies that either specialize in landscape lighting or offer collections that are appropriate for exterior use. $         Budget $$      Moderate $$$    Premium ___ L-020-B by Beachside Lighting Low-voltage, cast brass, underwater […]

Creative Lab: Sculptural Wall Installations

THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE: Finding interesting wall sconces that blur the line between art and lighting. SOLUTION: LIGHT represents several companies that have families of sculptural sconces that can be grouped together to create feature walls which have the visual impact of wall art installations. $        Budget $$      Moderate $$$    Premium ___ Abstract Panels […]

Creative Lab: Don’t be a Square. Think Linear.

THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE: Looking for new and creative products to solve linear lighting design application needs. SOLUTION: The LIGHT team has selected a group of easy to specify and easy to use LED linear products which are newer to the market. The products below are suited for several material, design and installation challenges. $        […]

Creative Lab: International Style at the Speed of LIGHT

THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE: Fixtures and manufacturers from outside of the US offer a different perspective and unique aesthetic that is often just what a project calls for. Unfortunately, sometimes those manufacturers have extensive lead times for their unique products to make it all the way to Southern California designed projects. SOLUTION: LIGHT has assembled a […]

Creative Lab: Large Scale Lighting Fixtures

THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE: Selecting large scale fixtures with maximum impact for their surroundings. SOLUTION: LIGHT represents manufacturers offering a wide variety of large scale standard or custom lighting solutions that truly represent the Art of Lighting. These pieces become light sculptures that are designed to make a statement and evoke an emotional response. $         […]

Creative Lab: Fixtures That Blur The Line Between Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE: Finding high style decorative lighting that maintains the warmth and character of indoor spaces and can also be used to create inviting, outdoor spaces. Patio and terrace designs increasingly blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. SOLUTION: LIGHT represents manufacturers who offer decorative lighting solutions that create the feeling of “home” […]

Creative Lab: Architectural Products That Provide Visual Interest

THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE: Your project requires a performance lighting fixture to highlight the architecture but also needs to be a visually appealing fixture you don’t have to hide. SOLUTION: LIGHT has a wide variety of manufacturers that offer architectural lighting fixtures that offer performance as well as aesthetic appeal. $         Budget $$      Moderate […]