Creative Lab: Luminaires with Luxury Accents

THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE: How do you create the look of hand made fixtures that incorporate luxury materials like leather, porcelain and marble without breaking your budget with custom fixtures? SOLUTION: LIGHT represents manufacturers who offer standard line products that incorporate a variety of high-end unique finishes, offered at a variety of price points to meet […]

Creative Lab: Suspended Linear Luminaires

THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE: Finding suspended linear luminaires that are applicable to spaces outside the conference room may be a challenge. SOLUTION: LIGHT offers numerous options of suspended linear luminaires that can compliment any hospitality, residential and commercial project. $      Budget $$    Moderate $$$   Premium ___ Intervals by SONNEMAN Intervals is a stunning, uniquely integrated linear architectural lighting system […]

Creative Lab: Small Profile Fixtures

THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE: Finding small or slim profiles to fit into unique interior and exterior spaces can sometimes be a challenge. SOLUTION: LIGHT offers numerous options of small profile fixtures that can meet your architectural and decorative needs. $      Budget $$    Moderate $$$   Premium ____ Groove Light by KKDC The Groove Light is an ultra-slim (6mm) linear accent […]

Creative Lab: Incorporate Color Tuning and RGB to Make Your Project Stand Out

THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE: Are you constantly faced with the same 2700K and 3000K LED options? SOLUTION: LIGHT offers a number of dynamic white, RGB, and RGB-W lighting fixture options that will allow your project to stand out. $      Budget $$    Moderate $$$   Premium ___ Ambient Dim Recessed Downlight by Graffiti The GR Series fixtures are highly adjustable via […]

Creative Lab: Track Lighting For All Applications

THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE: Finding a track and rail style system that are aesthetically pleasing can be a challenge. SOLUTION: LIGHT offers a number of track lighting options from our line card that provide function and form and are applicable to a wide range of projects. $      Budget $$    Moderate $$$   Premium ___ Besa Monorail System with Divi Spotlight […]

Creative Lab: Manufacturers that Meet Architectural and Decorative Needs

THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE: Staying current with the latest decorative and architectural products can be a challenge, especially when budget or size requirements take priority. SOLUTION: LIGHT’s line card carries a number of manufacturers that meet both needs and is always changing and updating to provide the best options. We’ve included AFX and TPR which are […]

Creative Lab: American Made Architectural Lighting

THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE: Finding architectural lighting products that meet American Made guidelines can be a challenge. SOLUTION: Light’s line card carries a number of manufacturers that meet American Made guidelines that include Deco Lighting, Graffiti, Specialty Lighting Industries, Q-Tran, ALL and Lumato. $      Budget$$    Moderate$$$   Premium___ Vector 2 by Deco Lighting The Vector 2 Pendant is a 2-7/16” wide […]

Creative Lab: Modular Lighting Systems

THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE: If you don’t have the budget to do a completely custom installation, how do you create unique, impactful ceiling installations that are properly sized for large lobby or reception area spaces? SOLUTION:  LIGHT represents manufacturers who offer either modular systems or families of fixtures than can be joined together and customized to […]

Creative Lab: The Latest in Decorative Lighting

THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE: Bored of the current selection of decorative lighting? Needing some inspiration? SOLUTION: LIGHT has curated a list of some of our favorite new products for you to browse and get inspired! $       Budget $$     Moderate $$$   Premium ___ Via Flush Mount by Cerno The Via has an understated geometry with […]

Creative Lab: LED Alternatives to New Tariff Restrictions

THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE: Having trouble sticking with your project’s budget with the new Chinese tariffs coming into effect October 1st on LED parts and luminares? SOLUTION: LIGHT represents manufacturers that are made and assembled in America. $      Budget $$    Moderate $$$   Premium ___ Slice Wall Grazer by Specialty Lighting Industries New from SLI, the multi-lamp, solid state light […]