Designer Spotlight: David Trubridge

Written by Nicole Gratson Upon graduating from Newcastle University in England in 1972 with a degree in Naval Architecture, David Trubridge, founder of David Trubridge Ltd., began what would develop into an internationally renowned furniture and lighting design career. He found inspiration working part-time as a forester in rural Northumberland and honed his unique designing […]

Designer Spotlight: Peter Stathis and Matthew Boyko

Written by Nicole Gratson The design duo behind the Superlight for Pablo Having successfully earned over 35 international awards since 2014, including the prestigious Best of Year Award for Interior Design Magazine and the covetous Red Hot Design Award, Peter Stathis has inimitably cultivated an illustrious career that remains immersed in social and cultural nuances […]

Designer Spotlight: Mathias Hahn

Written by Nicole Gratson Mathias Hahn, Industrial Designer for Marset After relocating to London in 2006, German-born industrial designer Mathias Hahn began his illustrious career working as a freelance designer for Tom Dixon, eventually becoming one of the founding members of the premier OKAYstudio. Having graduated from Essen University in Germany in 2004, then receiving […]

Designer Spotlight: Lighting in Bloom

Written by Raj Balu The Dandelion S from Burkhard Dämmer and LZF Lamps The creative ethos of German industrial designer Burkhard Dämmer stems from one highly practical question: “How do I find a good answer to this problem?” By rigorously questioning the use, life and overall vision of a product from the outset, he’s able […]

Designer Spotlight: Joana Bover

Written by Kristine Lee It all started from a couple doodles scrawled on a restaurant napkin. In 1996, Joana Bover founded her company Bover in Barcelona, Spain with a fervent drive for creating timeless lighting pieces. Her commitment to enduring design shines through her work in creating original pieces that combine comfort, functionality, and style. […]

Designer Spotlight: Stephen Katz for Matthews Fan Co.

Written By Raj Balu Stephen Katz is a prolific designer who works in a diverse variety of disciplines. Honest and straightforward design principles guide him as he strives to strike an ideal balance between beauty and utility on each of his projects. Katz earned a Master of Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis. He’s […]

Designer Spotlight: Zaha Hadid for SLAMP

Written By Raj Balu Moving fluidly between the worlds of consumer product design, architecture, landscape and geology is no easy feat, yet Zaha Hadid does this so effortlessly. In firm possession of a storied career, Hadid, a gifted, eclectic and prolific artist, got her start at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, where she received training […]

Designer Spotlight: California Made, Nick Sheridan for Cerno

Growing up in Laguna Beach, Nick Sheridan learned to appreciate art and the environment from his family and community, at an early age. In 2009, alongside his two childhood friends, Bret Englander and Dan Wacholder, Cerno was founded. It is apparent that family, community and Laguna Beach’s natural environment influenced the formation of Cerno. Fueled […]

Designer Spotlight: Dodo Arslan for Terzani

An Italian designer with Armenian roots, Dodo Arslan has worked with companies such as Alias, Arketipo, Axo Light, Joint Project, and many more. Working in various industries and using various mediums, Arslan has had the opportunity to design furniture, lighting, tableware and electronics. Through those design opportunities Arslan has been published in Taschen’s book Design […]

Designer Spotlight: Pablo and Fernando Pardo

Pablo and Fernando Pardo for Pablo Designs Venezuelan-born Pablo Pardo, founder of Pablo Designs, has defined his career by creating beautiful, harmonious and utilitarian designs. A graduate from the University of Cincinnati’s renowned industrial design program, Pablo has had the opportunity to work within many industries, such as roller coaster design and creating automobile concepts […]