Hospitality Spotlight: Interior and Exterior Rated Ceiling Fans

This month, LIGHT is featuring ceiling fans for hospitality applications. As summer heats up, LIGHT has compiled a list of ceiling fan options that will help keep you and your customers cool. Choose between LIGHT’s mix of ceiling fan manufacturers; Modern Fan Company, Fanimation, Matthews Fan Company and Maxim Lighting which offer a mix of […]

Hospitality Spotlight: Exterior Lighting

This month, LIGHT is featuring exterior lighting for hospitality applications. Meeting budget demands can be difficult, so we’ve collected a list of fixtures that are suitable for when you need to cut corners as well as those we think are worth the splurge. Whether it’s creating that cozy outdoor patio or guiding guests down to […]

Bath and Vanity Lighting for Hospitality Projects

This month, LIGHT is featuring bath and vanity lighting for hospitality projects. Having vanity lighting options that meet all of the requirements can be challenging – a current aesthetic, an adequate level of illumination, Title 24 compliancy, relevant pricing and reasonably short lead times for what are often very large quantities. LIGHT has compiled a […]

Custom Lighting Designs for the Hospitality Community

This month, LIGHT is featuring our growing offering of custom lighting and invite you to get to know Orion Chandelier and Bloom Lighting. Orion Chandelier is one of LIGHT’s latest addition to the LIGHT line card. Based in Southern California, they design and manufacture in-state, offering quick lead times and specialize in creating large custom chandeliers […]

Hospitality Spotlight: Illuminated Mirrors by Paris Mirror

This month, LIGHT is featuring a wide offering of illuminated, customizable, LED mirrors by Paris Mirror. Founded in 2011 with the aim to produce the best illuminated mirrors in the industry, Paris Mirror offers a wide range of innovative and distinctly designed LED mirrors that are current with today’s trends in design and lighting technology. What helps set […]

Hospitality Spotlight: Lobbies & Bars are Becoming the Hubs of your Property

This month, LIGHT is featuring the power of Legrand for hospitality spaces -specifically lobbies and bars. With lobbies and bars becoming the hubs of social connectivity for both work and play, increase the utility of these spaces with convenient access to charging with Legrand products from the adorne, radiant and deQuorum collections. Legrand is the premier global specialist in electrical and digital building […]

Apply Theory of Light and Wellness with Lzf Lamps

Lzf Lamps is redefining light with wood. Creating beautiful decorative and architectural fixtures that are applicable to hospitals, hotels, office spaces and restaurants. Not shy of the use of color, Lzf fixtures have been chosen to specifically influence light and wellness to spaces beyond just healthcare centers, and into everyday spaces. See below for inspiring […]

Creative Lab: Illumination Solutions for Hospitality and Multifamily Corridors

THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE: Finding stylish yet functional lighting to illuminate corridors for hospitality and multifamily projects can be a challenge. SOLUTION:  LIGHT offers a number of lighting solutions that will energize corridors in an effort to evoke a hotel-like aesthetic. $        Budget $$      Moderate $$$    Premium ___  Tersus Sconce by Cerno Use the […]

Hospitality Spotlight: We’re Big Fans

This month, LIGHT has curated a collection of our favorite fans with the hospitality community in mind. We understand that tight budgets and deadlines can make selecting quality fixtures a challenge. Whether your aim is to make a statement or keep it muted, for outdoor or indoor conditions, LIGHT carries four fan lines that offer […]