Directional Lighting for Exterior Illumination

In this month’s Landscape Lighting Solutions newsletter, LIGHT compiled a collection of directional lighting for exterior illumination. With capabilities including grazing, uplighting, submersion, and pattern projection, highlight landscaping, residential, commercial and hospitality exteriors. Make your exteriors come to life with the various types of directional lighting available below. ___ E4 by Beachside Lighting The E4 […]

Landscape Lighting Solutions: Decorative Outdoor Lighting

A well lit exterior can make any outdoor space come to life. Whether dining al fresco or creating a warm and inviting walkway or path, choosing lights that will compliment and enhance an exterior will increase a space’s value. In this month’s Landscape Lighting Solutions Series, LIGHT has curated a list of products where function […]

Landscape Lighting Solutions – Public Exteriors

In this month’s Landscape Lighting Solutions newsletter, LIGHT compiled a collection of products suitable for public exteriors. Applicable to lighting pathways, parking lots, corporate spaces, schools and parks; the list below is a good start to specifying your next outdoor space. LIGHT offers a range of outdoor lighting solutions through our extensive list of represented […]

Area and Path Lighting

LIGHT offers a range of outdoor lighting solutions through our extensive list of represented manufacturers. This month, LIGHT has curated a collection of area and path lighting with the landscape community in mind. Including products from a mix of architectural and decorative lines. ____ Cornet by Bover Made of polyurethane, this bollard lamp is visually […]

A Design Collaboration Paying Homage to California

Written by Nicole Gratson Award-winning Ron Neal Lighting Design (RNLD) is a San Diego-based firm founded in 2001 by architectural lighting designer Ron Neal.  Featured in a multitude of notable and revered exhibitions and periodicals, RNLD continues to shine bright among its competitors with its successfully celebrated participation and completion of hundreds of high-profile commercial […]

Landscape Lighting Solutions: High Corrosion Resistant Lighting Fixtures

THIS MONTH’S TOPIC: High Corrosion Resistant Lighting Fixture Demanding and extreme environments can cause damage to conventional lighting products. Exposure to corrosive agents cause light failure or malfunction. LIGHT represents a handful of landscape lighting manufacturers that produce high corrosion resistant lighting fixtures. ___ BEACHSIDE LIGHTING L-003 Constructed from brass and copper, the L-003 was […]

Landscape Lighting Solutions: Bollard Lights

THIS MONTH’S TOPIC: Bollard Lights Most commonly used in commercial, institutional and municipal, hospitality, and residential applications, bollard lights serve three main purposes: security and safety, decoration, and highlighting the structures and landscapes that surround them. Bollards are available in many shapes, sizes and finishes along with a variety of lamping options. LIGHT represents an […]

Landscape Lighting Solutions: Tree Lights and Hanging Outdoor Fixtures

THIS MONTH’S TOPIC: Tree Lights and Hanging Outdoor Fixtures By either suspending or mounting a fixture within a tree, a variety of lighting effects and solutions can be achieved. Mounting a fixture to the tree will create a moonlighting effect or can be utilized to highlight upper areas of the tree’s canopy. Suspend a fixture […]

Landscape Lighting Solutions: Creatively Enhance and Illuminate – Dreamscape Lighting

DREAMSCAPE LIGHTING Dreamscape Lighting has provided cutting edge, proprietary lighting fixtures to the architectural, interior design, and landscape design industries for over 20 years. Dreamscape’s approach to fixture design is both conceptual and practical. Their landscape product line incorporates unique organic styling with cutting edge technology that can creatively enhance and illuminate any environment. Covering […]

Landscape Lighting Solutions: Doing It Right – Beachside Lighting

With the intent of building a reputable line of quality exterior lighting fixtures that would stand up over time near ocean environments, Beachside Lighting was founded. All fixtures are exclusively made of heavy gauge copper and brass with CNC machined fittings, providing extreme durability and a clean minimalist aesthetic. Since 1994 Beachside has provided quality […]