Aeratron and MacroAir for Crack Shack

Written by Nicole Gratson

Aeratron Fans Complement the Cool California Aesthetics of the Crack Shack Restaurant Chain

San Diego-based Bluemotif Architecture, summoned the HVLS expertise of the leading industrial fan producer, MacroAir, when the idea for transforming an existing industrial metal warehouse into a next-generation kitchen and outdoor patio dining experience came to mind for investors Michael Rosen, Richard Blais and Jon Sloan. Including MacroAir fans in their Crack Shack Encinitas restaurant design would keep their restaurants cool and temperate in the warm southern California climate.

As with any industrial-inspired piece, an Aeratron fan’s basic functionality doesn’t upstage the intrigue of Crack Shack’s rustic, cool and casual motif. To further wow patrons, Bluemotif thoughtfully upgraded the dining decor to feature custom-made murals to adorn the walls, an unforgettable retractable roof, and customized furniture evocative of the contemporary tradition. If not for the indelible dishes, come for the Cali-cool vibe complemented by Aeratron by MacroAir fans.

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MacroAir began selling the Aeratron product line in August 2016. Aeratron is a highly performing, energy efficient fan line, engineered for residential living spaces and commercial spaces. These cutting-edge two and three-bladed fans offer ten times more energy efficiency than conventional ceiling fans. Aeratron fans are designed with a self-balancing supporter for superior stability and safety, a 6-speed DC reversible motor, and an optional LED light to beautifully illuminate the surrounding space and provide an aesthetically appealing ambiance.

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Creating a Cool Environment for Dairy Cows

In 1998, the Agriculture Department at University of California Riverside was seeking a way to keep their cows cool and relieve their heat stress, which would in turn increase milk production. Standard air conditioning systems were too costly and proved ineffective, and the smaller high-speed fans were unable to generate adequate airflow to cover a large area.

To solve this airflow problem, Walter Boyd, founder of MacroAir, invented an enormous industrial fan boasting blades spanning 24 feet. The velocity of the airflow generated by the fan created a comfortable, gentle and satisfying breeze at a fraction of the speed of the smaller, less effective high-speed fans. Thus, HVLS fans made their mark.

Today, MacroAir successfully serves  businesses and residences across the world, including fitness centers, industrial warehouses, military bases, aviation hangars, and more.


MacroAir HVLS Fans

MacroAir, Inventors of Large Fans

The inventor of the High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) fan MacroAir – commonly dubbed, “Engineers of Air,” is headquartered in San Bernardino, California. With a continuous commitment to providing unparalleled customer satisfaction, while exceeding rigorous industry standards with their dedication to manufacturing leading efficient fans for serving today’s thriving, demanding businesses.

MacroAir prides itself on providing innovative and cost-efficient fans and HVAC appliances that are completely designed, engineered, and produced using parts made only in the USA. Driven by four engineering principles for efficient and satisfactory airflow:  precisely, efficiently, smoothly, and infinitely, MacroAir began to blow away the competition way back in 1998 – on a dairy farm, no less!