Designer Spotlight: Estudi Manel Molina for Bover

The designers behind Bover’s new Skybell Collection are from the Barcelona-based design group Estudi Manel Molina. After a long professional career with the Lievore Altherr Molina Studio, Manel Molina created Estudi Manel Molina with fellow designers Raimon Monsarro and Daniel Castro in 2016 to develop projects in industrial design and consulting.

The three designers all have extensive experience working in commercial furniture design and have been experimenting more and more in commercial lighting. Lighting has always interested the designers and when approaching a lighting design project, they look to the fundamentals of light and shadow, “Light is a noble material and its own aesthetic fascinates us, light is a material in contrast to what we use in the furniture sector, you cannot appreciate by touch, or by its sound… or smell [or taste]. The aesthetic of Light is enjoyed by sight and determines our existence in a fundamental way by drawing the world.” The designers aspire to create certain lighting effects through their designs that highlight the beauty of the aesthetic of Light.

When tasked with a design for Spanish light manufacturer Bover, the team of designers took to their surroundings for inspiration. The Skybell takes its form from the playful and free form gesture of festival lights. The designers sought to articulate a suspension profile capable of adapting to multiple customization with a high quality of illumination.

The Skybell Collection is Bover’s first extensive modular light system. Intricately designed to adapt to any application, the Skybell breathes a point of fantasy and freedom in their applications. The Skybell can be combined in multiple variations, mixing their 4 sizes until they achieve a more personal and dynamic lamp concept, or they can keep all the ‘bells’ in the same length, achieving a more traditional image.

For more information on the Skybell System, contact or your local sales rep.