Designer Spotlight: Hervé Langlais for Designheure

By LIGHT Staff

Hervé Langlais is the designer behind the Nuage, Cargo, and LightBook collections from French light manufacturer, Designheure.

Cargo, Nuage and LightBook pictured above from left to right.

A student of the School of Architecture of Normandie in Rouen (ENSAN), the oldest school of architecture in France that was opened in 1904 in Normandy, Langlais would become a widely praised, contemporary lighting and furniture designer. He tuned and perfected his contemporary style while working under architect Paul Andreu, known as the world’s foremost airport design experts, with whom he worked with on the National Grand Theatre of China in Beijing and the Oriental Art Center in Shanghai. Langlais has worked on interior design for private clients and participated in numerous projects with designer Kristian Gavoille, another designer for Designheure. Since 2012, Langlais co-directs the Negropontes gallery where he annually displays a collection of objects and furniture, unique pieces in the purest tradition of French Decorative Arts.

Bénédicte and Jean-Baptiste Collod, founders of Designheure once joked in an interview, “America, I want to have it and I’ll get it!” when the French manufacturer set its sights on the “Yankee market.” With designers like Langlais, it’s been attainable. The Grand Nuage has been a wildly popular design for the US market, being featured in stores, restaurants and hotels.

Notably, the Grand Nuage Chandelier appears in renowned designer, Gulla Jónsdóttir La Peer Hotel in Los Angeles, and when choosing light fixtures for the hotel’s hallways, Jónsdóttir opted for the the Grand Nuage by Designheure. The Nuage’s lightness and its adaptability makes it the bestseller of the Designheure’s collections. Simplicity and pure lines for this timeless collection. The triangular shade produces a very particular light, cutting the space in architecture.