Designer Spotlight – Massimiliano and Dorianna Fuksas for SLAMP

Written by Nicole Gratson

Long before teaming to create some of the world’s most indelible designs from breathtaking urban architecture to avant-garde home décor to intriguing luminaries through their highly-esteemed European-based architectural firm, Studio Fuksas, this husband-wife dynamic duo had each been hard at work innovating, ideating, and producing illustrious works of their own, shedding their own unique light onto an ever-evolving design scene.

After two outstandingly successful solo careers and collaborating on various projects since the 80s, Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas married in 1985.  Spear-heading and leading one of the world’s most renowned, largest design firms headquartered in three cities – Rome, Paris, and Shenzhen – and impressively employing a staff of 160 in-demand designers, Studio Fuksas has respectively earned a reputation for the unexpected with its enduring, strikingly sophisticated and subversive styles. With an unprecedented, eclectic portfolio that boasts award-winning designs and integrative solutions vastly ranging from museums, airports, cultural centers, offices, residential and commercial structures, and custom-curated design collections, Studio Fuksas has effectively completed over 600 well-known projects, spanning six continents over its industrious 40-year period.

The Charlotte Collection by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas for SLAMP

With Studio Fuksas’ enviable architectural resume, it was no surprise leading lighting company, SLAMP, approached the fascinating design couple to custom-curate an alluring luminary collection that would attempt (and succeed) to transcend the nuances of light within a living space.  Mimicking a seemingly endless sea of undulating waves, the Charlotte Collection offers a flood of dot-like illumination, casting a hypnotic, atmospheric aesthetic like none other.  Taking a two-dimensional piece and ingeniously creating hexagonal shapes and images, each exquisitely detailed Charlotte piece produces emanation that unmistakably resembles waves gently pulling away from an empty shore, leaving behind a trail of meditative “droplets.”  Each unforgettable piece is expertly imagined and meticulously designed with a sculptural shape approach.  Evocative of 70s motif flair, the elegant honeycomb element is the initial draw.  A cylindrical floor lamp, half suspension pendant, and full suspension pendant comprise boutique Charlotte curation.  Floor and half suspension models are available in a pearl, iridescent-like white, while the full suspension fixture comes in additional electric blue and golden orange hues.  State-of-the-art Cristalflex®/Lentiflex® and stainless steel materials surround an LED light source.

From the dining or kitchen areas to living or bedroom spaces, enchant your guests and soothe your senses with this awe-inspiring collection from the masterminds of spatial illumination ingenuity, impeccable quality, and timeless design appeal.

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