Designer Spotlight: Robert Sonneman Celebrates 50 Years in Lighting

SONNEMAN – A Way of Light is closely connected to Robert Sonneman, the designer, and his commitment to modern ideals, innovation, and the extraordinary quality that is the promise of the brand. As the leader in design and manufacturing of sophisticated contemporary lighting, SONNEMAN enjoys a reputation for exemplifying the best in modern design.

With family roots in the lighting business, Robert Sonneman has spent his entire professional career––close to 50 years––working with light and designing luminaires. After finishing military service at the age of 19, he answered an ad in The New York Times for a lighting store. The store was George Kovacs Lighting, which opened in 1954. Sonneman worked for Kovacs, while completing his college education at Long Island University, and helped Kovacs open his factory, design the product line, and launch his business. By the time he was 23, Sonneman decided to start his own lighting company. Over the years, Sonneman has developed and sold multiple lighting businesses, but through it all, his core focus has always been design and the creative process,  via ArchLighting.

Sonneman Flat Box

Award winning and acclaimed for clean lines and innovative approaches, many of Sonneman’s sleek, functionalist lighting designs have become classics of the modern era. Robert’s functional sensibilities and prolific design vocabulary has grown to include a unique perspective of modernism that extends through the architectural genres and modernist movements of the 20th and 21st centuries. Robert Sonneman’s designs have been exhibited internationally in museums, galleries, and design shows over the last five decades. His work has also most recently been featured in Interiors+Sources, Visual Merchandising + Store Design, and Global Gaming Business Magazine.

“I continue a lifelong commitment to push the boundaries of modern design in pursuit of achieving the very best of what’s next.”

Sonneman Suspenders

The Suspenders is one of the latest designs, introduced in 2017, that takes Robert Sonneman’s method and theory to practice. A delicately scaled, modular system of interconnected elements and suspended LED luminaries, the Suspenders are capable of multiple configurations and can be customized to fit your individual lighting needs. Harmoniously integrating functional and decorative luminaries.

Today the company has moved extensively to electronic illuminating technology of LEDs, representing over 95% of its product introductions.  The company has an extensive product line of approximately 1,800 SKUs. SONNEMAN continues to develop and introduce over 100 new products annually.

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