Designer Spotlight: Tuula Jusélius and Seppo Koho of Secto Design

The founders of Secto Design, Tuula Jusélius and designer Seppo Koho first met in 1995. From the very first time they met they knew they were kindred spirits; they both shared a respect for Northern wood as well as for Scandinavian design and professional woodworking.

Tuula Jusélius and Seppo Koho started collaborating on innovative wooden furniture. The furniture was a success but there was a puzzle that the customers were left with: no wooden lamps were on the market that would go together with the furniture. Inspired by this the conical Secto 4200 pendant was born and it became the backbone of the whole Secto Design collection of wooden lamps.

Secto 4200 Pendant

In a recent interview with darc magazine, Jusélius shared their decision on using wood: “About 70% of Finland is covered by forests so I guess it isn’t really a big surprise that we have such skilled woodworkers,” she says. “Wood is a material that has a life of its own according to its surrounding conditions, it takes a lot of skill and patience to manufacture a Secto light and get a flawless result, they may look very easy to make with their simple lines but the reality is quite contrary. If it hadn’t been for the innovativeness of the Finnish cabinet makers it would have been impossible to start manufacturing these lights to a large audience without compromising the artisanal touch. On each lamp you can find the initials of the person who made it. It’s like a signature on a painting and credits our talented artisans.”

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Jusélius was the first to bring birch lights to the high-end design market; the innovative use of the wood was warmly welcomed along with Secto’s sustainable approach to design. All Secto Design shades are made of PEFC certified, top-quality Finnish birch veneer that are form pressed into blanks, which are cut into slats, then sanded and connected using rings of aircraft plywood; the slats are then glued and nailed to the rings. The lights were initially designed for energy saving lamps but today use the best possible low-energy LEDs.

Over the years Secto Design has built a comprehensive worldwide retailer network and is represented widely across the world. More than 90 % of the production is exported. To strengthen the presence in the international market Secto Design USA was established in 2017.

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