Project Spotlight: Georgia-Pacific

Project: Georgia-Pacific
Designer: HLGstudio Atlanta
Specified Manufacture: Dado Lighting
Specified Product: SimpleLineLED
Location: Georgia Pacific HQ Building, Atlanta
Photos by: DJ Ziobro

When Georgia-Pacific remodeled their Atlanta offices, they wanted a lighting solution that kept the existing ceiling in place. Using Dado Lighting’s SimpleLine, they were able to install recessed architectural linear lighting without having to redo the ceiling; making for an easy and clean installation. Scroll down to see more.




The crew started the installation by mapping out the pattern for the ceiling.

They then outlined the same measurements on the ceiling.

With a simple cut through the plaster, they re-created the shape that would fit the SimpleLine.

A few strong hands inserted the SimpleLine into the ceiling. No extra installation space or tape light for contractors to prep and clean required.

Plaster over the extrusions.

The result is a beautiful clean line.

 SimpleLineLED may be mounted in walls, ceilings, and across corners – from horizontal to vertical and every angle in between. No special framing is required due to its zero cavity, IC rated construction.