Introducing ClearView TV Mirror

LIGHT is excited to announce the addition of ClearView TV Mirror to the LIGHT Decorative Line Card.

Clearview was founded in 2004, as a result of the growing demand for TV incorporated mirrors. By creating a TV thin enough to fit perfectly between mirror and wall, and creating the first true vanishing TV from its original mirror technology, Clearview TV Mirrors combine style and entertainment in one. The sleek look of a finely-crafted mirror with the vivid colors of a high-performance television.

Clearview’s TV Mirrors are available in thousands of custom options, with choice of frame, mirror finish, TV size, mirror size, mirror shape, and serve commercial, hospitality, residential and retail markets and applications.

Manufactured in North America.


TV Mirrors

How it works:

Clearview has taken television technology a step further by using a waterproof television that can withstand 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Equipped with standard A/V outputs and inputs, it is completely sealed against moisture and humidity and safe to use with a waterproof remote control or opt for front touch screen buttons.

Choose from an assortment of different illuminated mirror options, which are available with CR 90 plus lights, in addition to framing, and other custom add-ons like de-fogger, wall controller, IR light indication, motion sensor and smart touch mirror option, which can integrate with other smart home devices. Have weather, calendar events, news, and social media notifications at the tip of your fingers with the smart touch mirror that can double as a TV.

The waterproof television can stand alone for outdoor applications.

Coming Soon: Window Mirrors

In addition to many mirrored TV options, Clearview will soon offer a window TV. Available in 22″, 32″, 42″, 50″, 55″, 65″ and 82″, the translucent screen is built into a fixed panel triple-pane window and is fully wired and ready to install. Comes with a remote input box, allowing to connect via USB, VGA or HDMI.