Designer Spotlight: Joan Gaspar for Marset

By LIGHT Staff

Designer Joan Gaspar got his first taste in design creating minimalist lamps in Barcelona. He went on to develop his style by collaborating with a variety of design firms to create new product lines (Roca, Resol, Marset, Mobles, 114, Perobell, Santa&Cole, DAE, Vilgrasa, Made Design) without straying too far from his minimalist origins.

Jaima Collection 2017/Marset

Gaspar began working with Marset, a family owned business going back decades, which had always held itself to be more than just an average lamp company, but a forward thinking design company – something Gaspar always valued himself when it came to lighting and design. Marset stood by applying knowledge from decades of experience to drive creativity and technical precision and discover new functions and applications for all their fixtures. Honoring an authentic feel, meaningful simplicity and a restrained decorative approach showcases Marset’s continued endurance and adaptation and earning a strong international market presence.

Jaima Collection 2017/Marset

In 2017, Gaspar was awarded the Interior Design’s Best of Year Award in 2017 for the Jaima Collection for Marset. The main idea behind the Jaima was to create a shade that would be viable for outdoor use but retain the appearance and quality of an indoor light. The basis for achieving this is the use of PVC-coated polyester fabric and the unique production process, which borrows from the methods of dressmaking.

Jaima Collection 2017/Marset

The idea first arose years ago, when Gaspar used this material for the first time to create the shade for the TXL outdoor floor lamp. But something was missing: there wasn’t a good way to differentiate the interior and exterior colors of the shade. That was a design limitation of the TXL—its construction used single ribbons of this material, which did not allow us to have a shade with a darker exterior and a lighter, reflective interior.

But with the Jaima, the shade is made as if it were a dress—it’s stitched. It has an exterior in a muted color and an interior in white, to allow for excellent reflection of light. The result is a waterproof, lightweight, and flexible screen, allowing us to offer larger sizes of shade without making the fixture too heavy or unwieldy.

Jaima Collection 2017/Marset

The lightness of the shade also allows all the supports and accessories to have easy, simple operation; in this way, the supports allow the fixture to be extended, rotation, raised and lowered in an intuitive fashion, so that the light can be adapted to any place and position and suit the user’s needs perfectly.

Gaspar resides in Barcelona and continues to work with various companies on new product concepts, teaching and working in his own studio.