Q-Tran celebrates 25 years of manufacturing innovative LED products and power supplies in America

The story of Q-Tran begins decades ago, going all the way back to the 1930’s when Q-Tran’s founder and owner’s great grandfather founded the National Electric Lamp Association (NELA). With lighting and manufacturing entrenched in the family business, Tremaine would go onto to start his own lighting design practice in 1980, Tremaine Lighting Design. Five years later, he opened a high-tech lighting showroom, “PRIMO,” providing customers with a creative alternative to functional lighting.

Through his experiences in the lighting industry, Tremaine discovered a flaw in the standard power supply centers. Frustrated with the performance and quality of the existing power supply centers, Tremaine designed a product addressing all the issues previously ignored: safety, reliability, performance and convenience. The result: the patented Q-Tran Power Supply Centers.

With his family background in manufacturing, Tremaine started producing his Power Supply Centers for his design projects. The Q-Tran Power Supply Centers succeeded locally and went to national distribution in 1995 and, shortly after, went to international distribution.  In 2012, Q-Tran developed an entire line of DC power supply centers for interior and exterior LED applications and in 2013 started selling linear LED lighting to compliment its power supply center business.  Q-Tran continues to innovate and operate under the concept of “Enlightened Thinking®.”

LIGHT proudly represents Q-Tran in the Southern California territory. For more information, reach out to info@light-ca.com.