Q-Tran – Now Rated for Use in Pool & Spa

Q-Tran announces Q-CAP D1 & D3 are now UL 676 rated to be used in pools and spas.

The versatile Q-Cap LED fixtures are encapsulated in a combination of polyurethane and ceramic materials, all of which are durable, protected from solvents and UV rays, impervious to chlorinated and salt water, and provide superior thermal dissipation. All products are IP68 listed, available in both clear and translucent finishes and are suitable for use in extreme indoor or outdoor environments.

While the Q-CAP D1 & D3 can be used in pools & spas, they can be installed in many other applications as well!



The flexible Q-CAP D1 has the ability to bend up or down, with a 6″ bending radius. The flexible white exterior has either clear (>390lm/ft) or translucent (>290lm/ft) Polyurethane (PU). Finished in a diode-free translucent finish creating a completely homogeneous fixture.



The Q-CAP D3 is a multipurpose, flexible LED fixture that is dimmable down to .01%. The patent pending design utilizes an interior parabolic reflector to deliver the highest output to create a diode-free, direct view finish; delivering twice the lumens versus comparable products.



QOM-DRIVE is Q-Tran’s exterior rated surface or recess mounted electronic power supply available with DMX, DALI or 0-10V control and dimming options. It is the ideal solution for nearly all interior lighting applications. The QOM-DRIVE utilizes eldoLED Linear drive drivers and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, in either 12 or 24 VDC. Suitable for use with Submersible Luminaire.



QOM-eLED is Q-Tran’s surface mount, exterior rated LED power supply center that utilizes Advance Xitanium drivers with optional 0-10v dimming modules for powering 12VDC or 24VDC constant voltage products. This product is the ideal solution for all 0-10v, or on/off, applications. The 0-10v provides PWM to the fixture for smooth dimming. With the ability to have 1-3 drivers, and 1-3 dimming modules in the same UL listed enclosure, the Q-Tran eLED provides answers for many different applications. Suitable for use with Submersible Luminaire.