SONNEMAN Suspenders

 Delicately scaled, Suspenders by SONNEMAN is a modular system that can be configured and customized as individual lighting sculptures or as a tiered web of infinite scope and variety. SONNEMAN‘s Suspender system harmoniously integrates functional and decorative luminares, providing the ability to add focused light or the soft glow of indirect illumination to any application.
Offered in eight primary configuration categories: Linear, Zig Zag, Tandem, Tri-Bar, Ring, Grid, Gallery Matrix, Wall, and custom, the system is composed of three primary elements: horizontal elements called Power Bars, vertical elements called Hangers, and luminous LED elements called Luminaires. These elements are combined and connected to a Power Feed to form a limitless number of LED lighting sculptures.



Two parallel Power Bars set in tandem form a broader linear volume by echoing the repetition and cadence of each other’s suspended luminaires.


Zig Zag

Power Bars are suspended at right angles to each other, connected by perpendicular Power Bar Hangers. Zig Zag arrangements can be used to form a linear pattern, or combined and oriented to form a broad composition arrayed across the plane of an entire ceiling.



Available in single, double and in groupings, the Suspenders Ring System offers the ability to build a virtually limitless range of patterns and configurations of varying heights and widths.



The Tri-Bar Suspenders are available in one or four tiers, suspended at staggered heights from a 120-degree Tri-Bar, creating a sculptural space frame of intersecting elements.

Click here to view the full Suspenders Catalog, which includes spec sheets for custom and preconfigured categories. Contact your local LIGHT rep or email for more information on how to incorporate Suspenders into your next commercial, residential or hospitality project.